Digitalization & Industry 4.0

The ways of manufacturing are changing and improving worldwide. Besides automation, the degree of connecting systems and the use of artificial intelligence in manufacturing are moving forward. These activities are often classified under the keywords digital/smart manufacturing or Industry 4.0. The boundary between manufacturing and IT companies is blurred more and more. Hence, we designed this benchmarking project in a way so that not only manufacturing but also non-manufacturing companies are able to participate and to state their experience regarding digitalization within certain areas. Instead of manufacturing, we use the term operations in their case.

The results of our work with regard to use cases and developments shall – according to the benchmarking title "Digital Technologies – Evolution of production in high-wage countries" – lead to new insights, approaches and opportunities, especially for manufacturing companies in high-wage countries. Overall, however, the study addresses companies from all industries and regions. The objective is to identify "Successful Practice" companies, which employ digital technologies in their area in an outstanding way.

Your benefits as a participant

  • Customized final report for your company (Example Big Data Studie)
  • Compare your performance to companies within your industry and to the "Successful Practices"
  • Levers and ideas for improving your business with regard to digital technologies and smart manufacturing
  • Depending on your performance you might be chosen as "Successful Practice" candidate
    • In this case you have the possibility to visit other "Successful Practice" companies
    • On this occasion you get into contact with other executives and experts from industry and science (networking)
    • Furthermore you discuss challenges and opportunities as well as new approaches for your business


Download our last Benchmarking Report from 2016